About Us

At PandaSoothe, our mission is Mobility Freedom – empowering all people to MOVE WITHOUT PAIN the eco-friendly way. For too long, discomfort has held people back from daily joys – quality time with family, achieving fitness goals, and just feeling their best.

Nature’s Green Blueprint for Freedom

Through bamboo’s amazing natural properties, we found an eco-friendly solution to support wellness from the inside out. From bamboo’s softness to its antibacterial benefits, it cushions joints for boundless mobility without harming health or the planet.

Boundless Movement Within Nature’s Limits

Whether recovering from injury, advancing in age, or reaching new heights, our bamboo compression sleeves embrace movement. Engineered to soothe and comfort, they empower maximum mobility no matter your age or activity – all while protecting our shared home.

Feel the liberated spirit that is your natural strength and flow. At PandaSoothe, we believe mobility freedom is a basic right. 

Join us in sharing eco-friendly comfort far and wide, as TOGETHER we prove green mobility for all.


Customer service is our number 1 priority and we will do whatever we can to take care of you. We greatly appreciate your consideration to do business with PandaSoothe UK and please let us know if you have any questions. You can contact us at support@pandasoothe.co.uk. Phone Support: +61 (406) 020 411.

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